Controlling more than a single working electrode

Fully Interfaced 2-Channel Potentiostat / Galvanostat MLab


Data Sheet (PDF)

2 complete potentiostats / galvanostats in one housing form a small electrochemical workstation for various applications like corrosion measurements, battery cycling, chemical analysis or sensor development. Several M Labs can be linked together for multi-channel tasks. The software comprises task control tables, autoranging sweep control, independend channel operation and recording, Tafel line evaluation, charge integration. Interface: 1 x RS 232, 1 x RS 485. Housing: 250 x 280 x 100 mm.

M Lab 100: 2 x 100 mA, ± 20 V
M Lab 200: 2 x 200 mA, ± 14 V

Multi - Channel Potentiostats MCP


MCP 94

Data Sheet (PDF)

Multi - channel-micro - potentiostat Wenking MCP 94 for application in biochemistry, pharmacy and food industry, up to 6 current sinks with independent potential control of the working electrodes (also to be used with ring-disk-electrodes). Max. current 5 mA or optionally 50 mA, resolution < 1 pA, output voltage ± 10 V, slew rate 1 V / µs, output voltage 10 V. Dimensions 540 x 155 x 380 mm (w x h x d), weight 6 to 8kg. Due to its modular structure, this potentiostat can be delivered in many different configurations, e. g. as multi potentiostat with up to 12 independent channels.


Ring - Disc - Potentiostat RDP

RDP 98

Data Sheet (PDF)

Ring - Disc - Potentiostat basing on the exceptional data of our POS 2, for advanced studies using ring-disk electrodes. Controls two working electrodes potentiostatically, galvanostatically or mixed mode. Current resolution down to 10 pA, max power 25 W (ring) or 10 W (disk), repectively. Housing 550 x 198 x 380 mm (w x h x d).

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